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A Decentralized Ecosystem of Video Applications

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PROPS is Decentralizing the Digital Media Economy

Illustration for Solving the biggest problem in social

Solving the biggest problem in social

A few platforms dominate social, and control digital media distribution. Their strength depends on millions of users creating and sharing content, but only a small fraction of the hundreds of billions in enterprise value that they have amassed flows back to those that create it.

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Decentralization properly aligns the network

We believe that users should transparently and programmatically earn for their contributions to a network, and have a stake in the community they are growing. PROPS ensures that network value flows back to the people who help it grow, better aligning stakeholders across the platform.

Established Community & Economy Serves as Basis for PROPS



registered users






spend in current virtual economy

Our community of millions of users and content creators is spending and earning digital currency today (62K transactions / day). They will spur demand for PROPS day one, making it one of the world's most widely used cryptocurrencies early on.

PROPS is Decentralizing the Digital Media Economy

Illustration for Solving the biggest problem in social

Open platform for
many-to-many video

First many-to-many video infrastructure, enabling VOD, video chat, linear or premium content, multi-user live streaming and more. Creators and developers drive user engagement, and get rewarded in PROPS.

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A token with
fundamental value

Users hold PROPS to promote content, access exclusive features, and signal status across media apps. The larger the network, the more valuable these benefits.

Illustration for Solving the biggest problem in social

User activity drives demand for PROPS

Mainstream users need no knowledge of the underlying cryptoeconomics to enjoy and participate on the platform. They can engage for free or through in-app purchases, which in turn drive demand for PROPS.

Notable investors

  • Union Square Ventures

  • Venrock

  • Comcast Ventures

  • Chris Dixon

  • CoinFund

  • BlockTower Capital

  • Oren Zeev

  • Notation Capital

  • Kryptonite1

  • Casey Neistat

  • Phil Defranco

  • Mind Fund

  • Winklevoss Capital

  • Hashed

  • This is a great team that continues to push the envelope on the intersection of video and microtransactions. If anyone can pull off this type of vision: It's this team.

    Andy Weissman

    Union Square Ventures

  • This might be the first token economy to launch into a community of creators and viewers who already spend and receive virtual items.

    David Pakman


  • The YouNow team has a six year track record of delivering amazing product experiences with interactive video technology. They are well-positioned to bring millions of mainstream users to a cryptocurrency-based virtual economy.

    Jake Brukhman


  • YouNow has always had a vision for a new kind of media with empowered creators and hyper-engagement, and I’ve always believed in this direction. The PROPS Project is the realization of this vision on a grand scale, opening the doors for any developer to participate.

    Oren Zeev

    Ze’ev Ventures

  • I'm excited that YouNow is decentralizing its economy because it's the most effective way to empower creators to connect directly with their audience in a way that aligns everyone's incentives and interests.

    Doug Petkanics


  • PROPS is pioneering a new form of media. The implications of this approach are vast, as it facilitates immersive connections between people, mostly absent from today's online media platforms.

    Alex Bulkin


PROPS Decentralizes Video Applications

Introducing Rize,
the first PROPS-powered app

Rize is a many-to-many social video app. It leverages PROPS video infrastructure, and enables users chat with friends in real time, engage with content creators and watch linear content together. Rize will be seeded with the YouNow community and launch before the public token distribution.

Multiple interactive video apps running PROPS are being built

Developers are actively working with the PROPS video infrastructure, building social video games and other interactive experiences to be released in 2018. Apps share a currency and identity layer, with each use case further driving user growth and token demand.

Get involved in the Ecosystem

As a content creator: Get Early Access

As a developer: Get Early Access

Token allocation

In order to kickstart a vibrant community of passionate PROPS users, we’ve designed token distribution to offer as many people as possible the opportunity to participate, either buying PROPS or earning them by growing the network.

The Decentralized Media Foundation is a non-profit entity that programmatically and transparently distributes tokens over multiple years to developers and creators who contribute value to the ecosystem. The Foundation reserves 50% of the total supply. As a result, the majority of tokens will be distributed over time to partners and the public.

Token economics chart


Developer grants, ecosystem investments & infrastructure


Rewards for contributors to platform


Token Distribution Event


Advisors, subject to vesting schedules


Company, Founders & Future Employees, subject to vesting schedule (3 years)

  • Hard Cap $25m
  • Ethereum ERC-20 Token
  • Token distribution schedule

    Token economics chart
  • Company
  • Advisors
  • Token sale
  • Infrastructure development
  • Partner Rewards & Grant
  • Leadership Team

    Adi Sideman

    Founder and CEO

    Yonatan Sela

    SVP Business Development and Product

    Eran Kalmanson

    Chief Technology Officer

    Ben Perper

    Director of Product and Business Intelligence

    Peter Watts

    Platform Lead

    Candice Reeves

    VP Community Operations

    YouNow Team



    Jake Brukhman

    Founder & Managing Partner, CoinFund

    Marco Santori

    Partner, Cooley

    Nick Tomaino

    Founder, 1confirmation
    Prev: Runa Capital, Token Summit, Coinbase

    Doug Petkanics

    Founder, Livepeer

    Manuel Araoz

    CTO Open Zeppelin, Decentraland

    Jim Louderback

    CEO, Vidcon

    Alex Shin

    Partner, #Hashed

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